Career Coach and Trainer
Retrenchment Re-invention Specialist

I am passionate about helping people of all ages to develop themselves, find the right career niche and concomitant happiness and life fulfilment.

My unique life path and journey have afforded me a compassionate understanding of the challenges we all face as well as the techniques, life savvy and emotional intelligence to deal with these.

It is important to me to help you to see your skills, talents and potential and then ensure you map out goals and action plans to attain more than you dreamt of. This is an integrated process and is not achieved in isolation.

Aside from the above, I am structured, communicative and creative in finding solutions and processing both life and career obstacles.

“I can guide you to new perspectives, insights and focus


Career solutions, Life solutions,
Retrenchment solutions, Training solutions,
Recruitment solutions

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Are you in the business of making this world a better place? Let’s work together to help you share your gifts with the world.



Find all the answers in:
A Coaching Handbook for Re-inventing Yourself After Retrenchment



  • I commenced my career as an English teacher and Head of Department
  • I was then offered a job in training, completed a Training Management Diploma and spent 5 years as a National Trainer in retail and another 5 years as a Training Manager in FMCG
  • I was headhunted by Deloitte Consulting and worked there for 8 years doing strategic recruitment and competency-based recruitment training and panel interviews for companies
  • I qualified as a Coach and worked independently in this field (Life, Career and Business)
  • I also worked as a TEFL instructor in Saudi Arabia for a year


  • Before we commence, I check your needs and present a written proposal detailing my approach
  • There is no obligation to do a specific number of sessions
  • Sessions are generally an hour (in my home, Skype or Zoom)
  • I follow up on you. Unlike many other coaches I communicate with clients telephonically and electronically as needs or questions arise and motivate you with coaching themes or messages.
  • Detailed notes follow every session and you are encouraged to keep a coaching journal.
  • As needs arise or interviews are scheduled (career coaching) I adapt coaching focus accordingly
  • Payment is done via EFT at month end or after the completion of the process or final CV drafting
  • Differentiating factors include my life wisdom and empathy, in-depth career and company knowledge, my writing ability and my solutions and results focus.