Career Coach and Trainer
Retrenchment Re-invention Specialist

I live in Cape Town
I am a Career Coach
I am a Trainer
I am a Writer
I can help you to successfully find employment
I can give you life and career direction and focus
I can provide professional career documentation or write anything for you
I can ensure smooth career or life transitions for you
I can motivate and uplift you
I can help you to achieve not -yet -thought -of dreams
I can give you new perspectives and new hope
I can help you to achieve fulfilment
I can develop workplace teams and ensure people productivity
I can make sure that companies hire the right people
I can ensure that you re-invent yourself after retrenchment

“I can guide you to new perspectives, insights and focus


Career solutions, Life solutions,
Retrenchment solutions, Training solutions,
Recruitment solutions

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Are you in the business of making this world a better place? Let’s work together to help you share your gifts with the world.



Find all the answers in:
A Coaching Handbook for Re-inventing Yourself After Retrenchment