A career is our primary source of income and encompasses four decades, thus it figures it should be rewarding and fulfilling. This does not happen automatically – it requires insight, the right choices, structured career planning dicipline, application and expertise – my purpose is to give you this and more.



I offer an initial meeting or telephonic chat at no cost, to ascertain your needs and discuss my initial thoughts and approach. Thereafter I will mail you a proposed coaching plan which you can look at and if interested adapt to your needs and budget.

“There is only one person who could ever make you happy, and that person is you”
– David Burns, Intimate Connections

My Approach

While I cover all aspects of career coaching my specialist interest area is enabling people of all ages to effectively manage career transitions. Typical ones include the following:

  • Moving from school or university into a first job
  • Being retrenched
  • Switching from formal employment to working independently or setting up an entrepeneurial option
  • Getting back into employment after a gap or time out

Based on my own life experience, identity is an important foundational focus in working with others for so often we have lost this either due to conditioning, personalities in our sphere of influence or from working in a company culture where certain attributes are essential for survival and we become what we are expected to be, losing our own essence in the process. From this evolves values, personality, skills, talents… all critical analysis elements in selecting a career which is a joy and expression of what you love rather than a “job” epitomising toil and effort.

With a degree in English and an early track record in English teaching I also write extensively – coaching themes, client notes, brochures or marketing material for clients or CV’s and letters. The importance of professional career documentation cannot be emphasised strongly enough We need to brand and market ourselves effectively.

Whether you work with me as a Career Coach or as a Trainer, my personal mission is that having interacted with me you gain deeper self-knowledge, greater self- appreciation and the understanding that with the right motivation and structured approach your potential is limitless and anything is achievable. For me this is immeasurably rewarding and certainly not work.