Jennifer is warm, genuine, knowledgeable and very helpful – she has the ability to ask the right question at the right time. Sometimes the answer is easy and other times the answer requires deep self-reflection – her coaching sessions create forward movement. As a result of her authentic approach, Jen has helped in terms of guiding how I can achieve my goals. Moreover, Jen’s ability to create a vision and a belief for both individuals and organisations that their goals are readily attainable is extraordinary.

Wayne Nyamana Digital Transformation

MBA | Strategy | Business Transformation, Innovation. Melbourne, Australia

Jennifer has provided training and coaching services to Mr Backup Group at all levels. Whatever the developmental need, she is able to analyse the issue and provide structured and integrated solutions. Thanks to her Customer Service expertise and recommendations, staff service awareness and levels have improved significantly. Whatever the ‘people issue” she is able to make a difference. She is also an expert in recruitment practice and panel interviews and significantly improved the quality of our interviews. I can highly recommend her to any company or individual needing interviewing or recruitment expertise, career assistance or training.

Leona Bullock, Group HR Manager

Mr Backup Pty Ltd

My experience of working with Jennifer has been excellent. After a period of long-term employment I was somewhat overwhelmed with marketing myself for employment again. Jennifer helped me immeasurably in that regard. She interviewed me and subsequently assisted me with the rewriting, layout and formatting of my CV and supporting documents. She’s also provided me with a structured list of recommendations on how to best proceed with marketing myself and has been very generous with her time. I would not hesitate to recommend or make use of her services again.

Jonas Meister

Digital Marketing Specialist

There is no question about Jennifer’s ability to act as career coach on all levels inside an organization. In fact Jennifer can confidently guide senior executives on the way forward because of her structured and complete approach. At the same time she can interact with lower level employees and help them understand their own strengths and weaknesses and how to build on them.

I have been involved in Jennifer’s training sessions and the preparation and training materials were well researched and presented in clear and practical sessions. Trainees would never leave her sessions empty handed.

One thing which I miss in my current occupation is Jennifer’s weekly motivational circulars. She managed to pick the actual point which was an issue at that point in time inside the company, and address it in such a way in a Coaching Theme so that negatives turned into positives.

I will recommend Jennifer to any company, organization or group to add value to the aspects of human resource motivation, training and career coaching.

In these times the availability of vast information is not the question, but what do you do with it and how you apply it to your life. Jennifer has the recipe for that.

Barries Badenhorst

Company Client and Plant General Manager

Jen has been acting in the capacity of my personal life coach since September 2008.

I immediately felt comfortable with her approach to the coaching opportunity when she suggested that we first meet at a neutral venue to establish individual backgrounds and the suitability of a future coaching relationship.

During the initial session Jen prepared some guidelines that we could both subscribe to as a means of managing the progressive nature of the coaching sessions. I found this to be very beneficial in that it distinguished the difference between life coaching and psychotherapy and confirmed that the coaching approach was a fit for purpose initiative for me personally.

Our sessions are greatly beneficial and value adding as a result of Jen being well prepared within the context of my personal goals and needs. Jen allows open dialogue in an open honest and empathetic manner without any judgement or forceful persuasion and influence. Jen always has my interest at heart. She guides my inner strength and thinking in an objective and authentic way. She is a true thinking partner whilst maintaining perspective on the inherent feelings and emotions.

Jen is a great source of support on an ongoing basis. Sessions are often consolidated through documented summaries, appropriate reinforcing literature and exercises for me to do to gain inner strength and resolve.

Jen is accessible through phone and e mail communication on an ongoing basis. The client focused nature of Jen’s approach to coaching is evident through her flexible time slots and location of meetings.

I would describe Jen’s style as uncompromisingly professional and confidential.

I value the process of life coaching that Jen whole heartedly embraces.

Private Life Coaching Client and Company Owner

At a time in my life when I was unemployed, depressed and de-motivated and had given up on finding employment, Jennifer was referred to me. She was incredible and turned this around with a CV that got me interviews and interview coaching work that got me a great job. On top of that she inspired me and gave me new hope and focus. I recommend her very highly to anyone struggling to find employment or feeling lost or in need of help.
Jarrod Beer

Career Coaching Client

As a mature student, entering university for the first time, studying for a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture, my psychologist suggested I find a coach to help me with my study goals and my difficulties meeting deadlines. Two coaches were recommended to me, and after meeting them both, I decided on Jennifer because I enjoyed her vibrant, positive energy.

By the time I approached Jennifer in August 2007, I was I trouble. I had failed two mid-year courses in my second (final) year. I also needed to complete two courses from my first year. I was working in a Landscape Architecture Practice and found the difficulty with deadlines was spilling over into my work.  Also, I needed to master a number of computer programs for work and study purposes – I was feeling overwhelmed.

Jennifer was very professional in her approach. Carefully listening to my requirements, she noted them in writing so that I could see she clearly understood my needs. She suggested 8 weekly sessions, of one hour each, concentrating on short -term practical goals as well as looking at my motivations (or lack thereof). In the first coaching session we outlined, together, the end goal “to be more productive in studies and work”, and identified short term objectives. She introduced me to motivational techniques and got me to write down positive affirmations for myself. This was remarkably beneficial to me.

I had set myself too may goals and at Jennifer’s suggestion I pruned them down to the most essential.  The rest of the sessions were spent we looking at practical issues and drawing up study programmes to be followed as “homework”. This made it clear to me the magnitude of the work that I had to cover and the need for planning to achieve goals.

The outcome was that I was successful in passing the two first year subjects, and I learnt  useful techniques to use both at work and in my studies. These techniques have become habits to me and I have benefitted remarkably.

Elizabeth Wood

Private Life Coaching Client and Student