With exposure to multiple industries and companies while a Retail trainer and as a Manager at Deloitte Consulting, my focus in terms of company people development is an integrated one commencing with time spent understanding the culture, leadership styles and how people are hired. In building people productivity and retention, multiple aspects are involved and require analysis and review – I will analyse your needs, write material if needed and motivate and develop teams.

“There is only one person who could ever make you happy, and that person is you”
– David Burns, Intimate Connections

Specialist Training Courses include: 


1. Customer Service Essentials – Customised courses for Delivery Crew, Credit Staff, Sales and Managers
Staff understanding and application of professional service techniques is pivotal to any successful business for without loyal clients, there will be no business. Coverage includes awareness of client needs and expectations, the concept of the circle of service, the moment of truth, non-negotiable ground rules, the importance of customer retention, dealing with angry customers, steps in effective problem solving, professionalism, basic etiquette, body language awareness and communication basics

2. Professional Sales Techniques

Written for retail, this includes interactive training and assessment of the basic steps in any sale: the approach, questioning for needs, product knowledge (features, advantages and benefits) overcoming objections, closing and after sales service and relationship building.

3. Managing a Team

This is an integrated workshop to empower supervisors and team leaders to be better managers and leaders. Material is based on common problems ( case study scenarios) leadership styles, the principles of performance management, communication and how to run effective team meetings, discipline basics and the importance of authenticity and leading by example.

4. Effective Recruitment Process and Interviewing Techniques
Given that your staff are the lifeblood of your business, hiring talented staff and the right fit of person is vital. The material covers the steps in equitable recruitment process, competency based interviewing techniques and skills practice, with scoring methodology and professional panel process applied.

5. Motivation and Productivity

This deals with the importance of attitude ,self-motivation techniques that work, goal setting and action planning, discipline as an essential component of achieving results, being proactive rather than reactive. The importance of building on yourself and your career and life rather lapsing into “victim” mentality. The value of setbacks and a look at case studies of typical life and work challenges and discussion re positive ways of handling these. Effective teamwork principles and practices are also included.